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Singapore’s Best Kept Secret: Don’t Tell Mama!

So, it’s no SECRET afterall… The Singapore Bar scene has been abuzz, and as a matter of fact never been the same with the sudden rising of this Korean-Mexican Fusion Bar called “Don’t Tell Mama (or DTMM for short).”    DTMM is a casual and hip bar and chill-out place situated along Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore.… Continue reading Singapore’s Best Kept Secret: Don’t Tell Mama!

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Maybe, Just Maybe, I Could Have Been a Good Pianist

   I really wish I had started earlier. I would have learned it. Although I didn’t have the support of private lessons, a music school, not even my very own musical instrument at that time, still, I knew I would have learned to play it. Just like how I somehow learned to play the guitar on… Continue reading Maybe, Just Maybe, I Could Have Been a Good Pianist

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“I Speak Softly But I Carry a Big Stick”

On #defensive devices #aspbatons: I used to ask myself what a security officer carrying nothing but an asp baton or a night stick can do to protect anyone from its attacker. But I guess, officers will not utilize these if they felt they are risking their lives or if they felt these are useless weapons.… Continue reading “I Speak Softly But I Carry a Big Stick”

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Off to Where the Fun Rules

Three of the country’s coolest recreational centers just opened its newest branch at San Fernando, Pampanga. And for a mom of an active toddler (like me) who comes from the Central Luzon area, this is kind of a big deal! Why? Because most of us, probinsyanos, are simply sick and tired of Manila traffic, the time… Continue reading Off to Where the Fun Rules

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Music as Soul Food

No doubt about it.. listening to our favourite music can instantly put us in a good mood.  Scientists are now discovering that music can do more for us than just lift our spirits. Research is showing it has a variety of health benefits.  Researches has proven that listening to music can help patients with anxieties.… Continue reading Music as Soul Food

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Music Schools in Metro Manila

In training your children to hon their skills in music, choose a music school based on location. Consider the background of the teachers (example if they came from a Conservatory of Music School). I made a list of music schools in Metro Manila that offer music lessons: piano, voice, violin, drums for children and adults.… Continue reading Music Schools in Metro Manila

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Musical Instruments for Kids

Learning to play music requires commitment and discipline. And when you invest on an instrument, you need to know beforehand if your child is willing to put time and effort into practicing their skills. Music teaches children lots of skills. They can learn rhythm, beat, pattern recognition and even how to dance with the music.… Continue reading Musical Instruments for Kids