Big Muff

I didn’t know we would be needing this ever in our life until the day came when I found myself actually buying one. I was quite happy with the purchase. It was the first pedal I bought and it has since been used very often. A big muff, check it out at

A good guitar fuzz in one.. a reason its been in continuous use for so many years. I do wish that it had more clarity though. 
Overall good job EHX. You’ve did a great job creating this product. It has enough volume to use it almost as a stand alone boost, useful with a dirty amp. Megatons of fuzz and sustain, useful for solos with sustain cranked, good rhythm tones when its backed off. 

The tone knob is what i liked most because it can, like in the discription, go from warm bass to crisp treble, which makes it a good candidate for a bass fuzz. 

It is perfect for tones great investment if you are a dang serious musician.
I gave it an 9 because the paint will chip easy so be cautious. Other than that its fine, stronger than it appears.

For what it costs its a steal…. I have just one a and i love it to death. If you are not happy then there are hundreds of mods out there there to “fix” it. I have played pedals that cost twice as much, yet sound cheap.
A must buy for musicians.


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