How an Award makes You Shine Even More

Here’s an honest question: how important are trophy and plaques? how often do we find ourselves looking for a third party endorsement before we are convinced that a particular establishment or brand is worthy of our patronship? 

How often do we judge a person’s achievement by the numbers of awards and citations, trophies, plaques and medals that they have?

Let me quote a friend by saying “Success is never measured by how much glittering medals or trophies you gain; but by the exultation that rages within your soul; of humbly believeing that you are the best in your own right; and of confidently thinking you have conquered an insurmountable odds to be what you can be.”

While I believe in every word he said, I also think winning an award allows us to distinguish our craft from that of our competitors and creates positive impact. It raises awareness of our craft, or our brand by way of differentiation, visibility, validation and testimonials; on the more personal side it also boost our self-esteem.

From the business perspective, the better you do on your field, the more people gets drawn to do business with you or patronize whatever business you are in. For example, if you get into the top 10 of the best in your industry, the momentum of your career instantly hits you and brings new businesses; because customers begin to gain more trust in the brand you handle and promote.

Being a Marketing Manager of an F&B company, I have been asked as to whether an award would have impact in the overall performance ratings of a company and would in turn benefit and translate to new business opportunities; my answer is undoubtedly YES!

Building customer trusts is crucial in any form of business. Although there is no magic formula or precise strategy to do it and maintain it; factors like recognitions from an award giving body helps create noise and establish trust for your brand.

Recently, the company where I work for, Riley Foods Corporation, who manages one of the newest Korean Restobar in Metro Manila, Gangnam Wings, has fortunately been chosen as one of the recepients of their GOLDEN GLOBE ANNUAL AWARDS FOR BUSINESS EXCELLENCE.
Gangnam Wings was awarded as the Best Authentic Korean Fried Chicken in the country. And we all thought it was a good break for the restaurant. 


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