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Wanna Learn to Play the Piano? First Pick Up Your Phone

When there’s that urge inside you telling you, you can learn to play a certain musical instrument, but feels a little awkward to buy one, thinking, what if you’re just wasting your money? Haha.  And there you are, inside a musical instrument store plucking out a few bars of “Chopsticks” on a piano, or strumming… Continue reading Wanna Learn to Play the Piano? First Pick Up Your Phone

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The Sanitary Pad Absorbency Test that Made Me Shift to Organic Pads

I didn’t know Organic Pads are a thing until I’ve recently learned that they have actually become much more widely available nowadays, especially in the United States. Been researching for options to replace my conventional feminine hygiene pads lately hoping it will somehow solve or address my heavily flowed menstrual days… Until I learned about… Continue reading The Sanitary Pad Absorbency Test that Made Me Shift to Organic Pads

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Wahlburgers Coney Island 

We are a Mark Whalberg fan. And we became even more, after having personally tried what their fast food chain the Wahlburgers has to offer… Wahlburgers is a titular chain of restaurants owned by chef Paul Wahlberg and his brothers, Donnie (a former member of the New Kids on the Block) and award-winning actor, Mark… Continue reading Wahlburgers Coney Island 


One-on-one Interview with My 3 Year Old

I decided to play this casual interview game with my daughter, Hunter; and was quite happy with the outcome, not only because it was kind of consitent with what I expected her to answer, most of all she quipped from the heart, it may be her impusive answers but it sure made a much sense… Continue reading One-on-one Interview with My 3 Year Old

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Trombones 101

A good way to try learn to play a double-trigger-bass-trombone is to warm up or practice playing different notes by checking out information and guidelines on how to play via website Listen to professional trombonists, listening to a professional will give you an idea of what you can sound like on the trombone. Listen to… Continue reading Trombones 101

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Care & Maintenance for Musical Instrument

A musical instrument is considered basic necessity like food or musicians supply, for musicians; and these supplies need consistent attention and care just as much as they value their other basic necessities, like shelter, clothes. It is a basic fact that taking care of a musical instrument is essential in a musicians life, whether he… Continue reading Care & Maintenance for Musical Instrument

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Snare Wire Trivia

I had no idea what a snare wire is until I learned about it from my musically inclined brother, Ron Villanueva. He said snare wires are does wires stretched across the bottom of a drum head that vibrates sounds when the drum is struck. My brother bought snare wires a month ago, hoping that it… Continue reading Snare Wire Trivia